Lobley Hill – a great place to live (forever!)

While searching for something else I came across this great article from the Daily Mail about the Hall family who live in Cotswold Gardens.

In streets across Britain many people don’t even know their neighbour’s names, but that certainly isn’t a problem on Cotswold Gardens in Gateshead. This small street is home to 69 members of the same family, ranging in age from four weeks to 76 years. The Hall family have come to dominate the road since 76-year-old matriach Catherine settled there in 1958.

Mrs Hall had eight children, who went on to give her 35 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Six of her children and their families now dwell in the street, along with three uncles and a mother-in-law. The Hall clan occupy more than 12 houses. But despite their dominance the unrelated neighbours don’t feel left out – as they think the street should be renamed Hall Gardens. When friends used to ask Mrs Hall why her brood was so big she would say telly hadn’t been invented back in her day. She held her dynasty together until she died last month, bringing the grand total from 70 to 69.

Good to see Lobley Hill and big families portrayed in a positive light from a newspaper that would usually be so negative about “big families” and “the North”. Read the rest of the article

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